1. TRAINING / CONSULTATION / COACHING, Coaching in English, Working Groups in English, Training in Technical English, Audits and Needs Analysis, Product Conception. There is no such thing as a single magic formula. Each person is unique in terms of background, potential, needs and aspirations. Our approach is based on identifying, challenging, exploring and developing these characteristics to accompany the person towards greater professional autonomy in a multicultural context. An increased sense of responsibility enhances both personal and professional development and provides key strategies to be validated once back in the workplace. 1 Identification: role, current and future challenges, communication roadmap. 2 Challenge: situations designed to put his/her communication capacity to the test combining professional, cultural and language angles. 3 Explore: build on the strong points to move beyond perceived performance; take stock of weak areas that need improvement 4.Development: back in the work place, the professional is able to capitalise on newly acquired strategies to approach the international environment with autonomy, confidence and efficiency.